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When joining Ítróttaháskúlan í Suðuroy you will have choose one main course and one secondary course.

Main course



At the moment adventure is the only main course on the high school which means everybody has this course together. The adventure course is packed with fun and challenging activities where the faroese nature is the cornerstone. The course is meant for people who would like to break their boundaries and who like to get butterflies in their bellies. We will be doing activities such as climbing, rappelling, cliff jumping, kayaking, slackline, ropeswing and beautiful hikes around the Faroes.


Secondary courses


The swimming course is an opportunity to become a better swimmer in the best swimming facilities in the Faroe Islands - regardless if you are a beginner or a elite swimmer.

The training is lead by Jón Bjarnasson, who is one of the leading swimming trainers in the country and the only trainer that has trained a swimmer competing at the Olympics.



The football course is about determination, perseverance and fun. With Jón Pauli (women’s national team) as the coach the aim is to create conditions where every student gets the opportunity to develop and progress as a football player - beginner or elite level. The facilities for football are very good. With the brand new indoor football field Marghøllin it is possible to play no matter what the Faroese weather throws at you. Furthermore it is possible to play outdoor on sunny days at the football field at Vágseiðið.



The training course is meant for those who want to progress in their physical endurance and strength. The results form the course can be used for preparation for future goals for example police test or just physical well-being. The course is lead by Rói Agnarsson who has experience is many different sports like tennis, table tennis, cross fit and swimming. The course is meant for everybody regardless of your fitness level or goals.